Custom Builder | Madison County

As a custom builder, Red Shed Woodworks offers a turn-key project, from raw land to a finished home. We coordinate every aspect of project design and communicate with all construction professionals such as architects, structural engineers, and landscape designers. We manage all construction infrastructure such as septics, wells, roads, and house seats taking into consideration the interfacing of all aspects. Through the services of our in-house custom wood working shop, we are able to tailor custom doors, cabinets, and trim to meet each customer’s specific finish needs.

Timber Frame Construction | Madison County

Red Shed Woodworks also continues the rare traditional craftsmanship of hand cut timber frames. Our woodworking shop is where the mortise and tenon joinery of the timber frames is cut, as well as customer-requested architectural brackets, entry and covered deck details. We use predominantly locally sourced and sawn white pine. Others building materials have included reclaimed timbers and western red cedar.

Green Home Builder | Madison County

Red Shed Woodworks has experience as a green home builder in projects ranging from highly insulated, efficient modern homes to photovoltaic-powered net zero homes and hempcrete German Passivehaus construction. Red Shed Woodworks also offers a thorough understanding of modern building science and weatherization practices.